About us

Meet our team

MBpowerTuning team consists of professionals with many years’ experience in car electronics. We specialize at analysis, research and modification of car controllers for many years providing proven solutions for an individual customer as well as for companies.

Our company constantly improves, increasing the range of offered services. We perform chip tuning, eco tuning, computer diagnostics, retrofitting to premium version and more for cars, trucks, tractors and other agricultural machines.

Every action we make is performed with great care. Every modification is preceded with thorough engine diagnosis where we verify its condition and precisely determine the extent of changes. Our work is fully adjusted to the engine model we optimize manually without using calculation software. We constantly test and make improvements, which allows us to deliver the best quality of service.

Why chip tuning?

Chip tuning is a perfect solution for increasing engine performance and power. It allows you to reduce your car combustion, which means lower costs. If you want to use your engine full capability – chip tuning is for you.

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